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Treating Autism

Marching successfully into the Second Decade of TREATING AUTISM.
Helping Families with ‘Scientific Boldness’ and ‘Practical Humility’.

Mind the gap…

Even while you are READING THIS, there are affected parents all over the globe facing every passing day with an anxious question ‘What is the plight of our child after us’.

• The medical world is challenged with ever increasing numbers of children with autism but no effective treatment methodology to tackle the same.

• Autism research keeps feeding gigabytes of identical data with slightly modified technical jargons poorly understood by most of the parents.

• The ‘outcomes of these studies fail to bring in peace at home’ as the majority of parents still struggle to carve out independent individuals out of autism.

• Autism treatment declared as ‘palliative’ gets only a step motherly attention from science and there is an ever widening gap between treatment and basic research.

• Passing the baby around’ attitude exists literally and practically with respect to the diagnosis and management of ASD.

• The pathetic outcome of this pessimistic environment is that each institution/professional paints their version of ASD as blind men seeing the elephant and parents do not get to see autism as the whole elephant.

Need of the hour

• Presentation of statistics and research data in search of a ‘perfect solution’ to this baffling disorder is no doubt necessary for a good science. But the parents are eagerly looking for a ‘Good enough’ treatment methodology which can be practical and safe.

• To effectively address this question and to manage the ever increasing number of children with Autism, the need of the hour is evidence based approach towards newer therapeutic techniques.

A new era in bio medical treatement of autism – DOAST

• To address huge socio medical need, DOAST Integrated therapy centre for Autism was established in 2003 as a single roof, dynamic, multi-professional, clinical/research hospital.

Even though a ‘perfect medical solution’ to this baffling disorder is still evading medical science, there are significant research leads which are ‘Good enough’ to provide ‘treatment windows’. DOAST has conceptualised the ‘Integrated Therapy’ module for Autism based on such ‘good enough and effective techniques’ with ‘dedicated scientific boldness’ and continues to practice it for more than a decade.

• The ‘Integrated therapy’ is a fusion of time tested methods of our ancient Indian medical techniques, applied in synergy with the latest findings of mainstream research. The components of the ‘Integrated therapy’ are medicines and techniques derived from the traditional Indian medical systems of Yoga, Ayurveda and Siddha.

• These centuries old therapeutic systems believe and prove that inefficient elimination of bodily toxins imbalance the Bio-energetic forces resulting in chronic ailments. Their corrective therapeutic concept is toxin elimination – rejuvenation and regeneration. We found that such a therapeutic concept of the traditional Indian medical systems is in complete synergy with the present day technological understanding of chronic disease -like autism- as cellular stress, molecular disorder, cytokines and signal triggers between body and brain.

Treading on a different path, this DOAST clinical model is an analytical/ prospective treatment guided research on autism. The effort is to bring in a turning point in the history of autism management where ‘Instead of symptom by symptom approach, behavior and cognition could be improved by studying the underlying intermediary biological processes’.

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