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Just like every parent we were excited and eager to welcome our new born, the moment was priceless. We gave every effort to nurture the new born and enjoyed parenting. But our dreams were shattered when we found that the kid’s milestone and ability to process had delay and it tend to be different than other kids. We were depressed and confused with no clarity on what to do, who to approach and how to take it forward.

The symptoms were leading to an unknown word in our dictionary “autism spectrum disorder”. We disagree, argue, fight and cry, but had to accept the nature and its fault. So we started looking for solution and positive Cures. The Place we lived, they called it as “land of opportunity” has not discovered to overcome the situation yet. In fact, it made the odds worst in our eco system fueled with Processed food, Vaccines, Nuclear family, Technology revolution and much more but referred us to the “Most successful” community in the world.

After reading several articles and watching several videos has put us further in depressed state of mind. But one thought gave us hope and we strongly feel that could put us in a right direction “Returning home”, and being with our loved ones. Nothing could convince us to stay back, not money, not career and not passion. Every opportunity we created over our life time doesn’t seem to be important when it comes to our kid’s future. We strongly felt and still feel, this is one of the rightest decisions we took in our life and it’s worth it.

Back home we took advice from the experts who asked us to follow the rule of thumb “occupational therapy”,” speech therapy” and introduce schooling. That was the best solution, the modern medicine had in its book for our kids. Following the routine, we felt something is wrong with the approach but we don’t have any clue on what to do about it. So our search extended which led us to a path which was comparatively convincing and with a positive trend. With that positive energy, we joined DOAST Family. Their approach, reasoning, clarity and the outcomes convinced us over the time and when looking back we would say this is one of the best decisions we made at the right time. Having faith in our traditional medicine, techniques and most importantly surrounded with positive, affectionate and caring people is the reason behind the miracle that was followed in DOAST. Our search has given us courage, bonding, knowledge, persistence and maturity. We strongly felt, this experience must pass on to people with the need. We can’t have control over the nature but if we put sincere effort to overcome the challenges with a positive approach, we can find happiness within ourselves.

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