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While working at USA we were blessed with a male child. The bliss turned into a worrisome nightmare after he was pronounced to fall into Autism spectrum. Months passed in our search for a remedy and destiny brought us to DOAST India. A blunt statement from Dr. Karthikeyan after my son’s assessment, initially upset me but led me into awakening to the crude reality and practical approach to follow. Me and my wife kept on asking him various questions regarding the future – his speech – going to normal school etc ..etc. He remained silent for a while and replied ‘ My objective is to have your son not to pee in middle of room at the age of 18 and make himself as self-dependent ’. He further went on to say ‘you have to put in a lot of effort in dietary and life style modifications and it is a long journey and nothing is an overnight progress’.

Those blunt statements took some time for me to digest and accept. Also he added ‘Show me a normal kid parent who are not finding difficult to bringing up their child’. That shook me out of my confused world and inspired me to perspire to follow the diet and other life style modifications which are an integral part of DOAST Integrated Therapy.

The journey had its up and downs, and we were profusely trained by the DOAST professionals to stand on our own. My son throwing fits after some months was another drawback [I will write about it later]. We were able to stand up and be inspiration for other parents of children with Autism whom we met in our journey in the last 6 years.

Through the blossoming transformation of my son through this biomedical approach, I have been enjoying time with my autistic son who doesn’t speak much than my normal daughter who speaks a lot.

“There are no accidents in Life”

Proud father of an autistic child

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