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My son was born healthy. At three months from birth, I noticed that he doesn’t see my face when he is laughing. When I tried to get him to see my face, he seemed to avoid eye contact. At that time, I did not know enough to realize that it could be autism. I ignored this and possibly other symptoms.

At 2 and half years of age, at a routine paediatrician’s check-up in USA – we were informed that our son is displaying autism like symptoms as follows:

• No eye contact, no speech, no understanding
• Placing objects in a line, Gazing through windows
• More interest in reading A to Z and numbers
• Reading car license plates
• No response to being called by name
• Unnecessary crying without reason
• Picky eating habits
• Little or no mingling with other kids

We tried 5 months of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy which improved his symptoms a bit, but not significant enough to be comfortable.

At the age of 3, we enrolled him with DOAST in Chennai. After about 3 months of working with DOAST, we saw reasonably good improvements.

• Eye contact improved
• Understanding level improved
• Name call response was good
• He was playing with toys properly
• He started eating fruits and vegetables
• He was able to do yoga
• There was limited or no unnecessary crying
• He was able to play with other kids
• He was able to wait for his turn

After 6 months with DOAST

• He started talking
• He started to indicate Bowel movements
• There was little or no bed wetting in the night time
• He had little fear of heights, and started playing age-appropriately in the park
• There was much improvement in speech

After 10 months with DOAST

• He started blowing whistles
• He started cycling
• Playing in the closed slides

My son is proof that we can improve autism kids with the therapy offered by DOAST – by early interventions of the right kind.


It is difficult to identify Autism in our children. But we should not waste our time in crying and ignoring, should the symptoms arise. If we act fast and provide treatment as early as possible, we can make our children lead a normal life.

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