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Our inspiration has its roots in our strong determination to lay a path for our son. We have a strong belief in natural medicine and way of life. This was something that D.O.A.S.T was able to support with empathy. Coupled with the encouragement from our Friends and relatives, we were inspired to take up the integrated therapy of DOAST.


We faced challenges on prioritizing the needs of our son. Soon after, we faced challenges on economic and emotional front. After overcoming those initial challenges, we tried to the best extent to socializing our son with the same environment which we were in. We had apprehensions about another child, but with extensive medical tests to confirm that the chances of autism in the next child is minimal, we were blessed with a daughter. She is now helping our son getting unconditional, in-house companionship. We have worked hard to provide our son the right environment – social, emotional and medical – and we see the dividends of all those hard choices now.


Over the years of engagement with DOAST, we transformed ourselves. We are self-motivated, open minded parents listening to inputs from the society/fellow parents/institutions, analyzing them and drawing our own lessons to move forward. DOAST helped us in many ways. We have understood the importance of diet restrictions for our Son. We have, for years, limited the electronic gadgets to our Son. We aim to provide an example for others through our experience. We would love to be a helping hand for like-minded parents facing similar challenges. Our hope is that our findings and experiences can help other parents reduce the time it takes for them to transform their children’s lives. Autism is very complex, and helping hands like DOAST allow parents to make informed choices – choices that are based on parent-child-specialist interaction, and methods that are open to new ideas, as well as new questioning.

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