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  • The therapies outlined in this website should not be used except by and under the supervision of a trained physician.
  • This is not a stand alone protocol. This should be preceded by suitable diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • These procedures may not help all autistic children and may potentially make some autistic children significantly worse. Even those children who may ultimately benefit from these therapies may show transient deterioration during treatment.
  • The drugs used are tried and handled by traditional healers for centuries. But they are not approved by USA-FDA.
  • The theories and medical models on which these therapies are based are not universally accepted in the medical community and are being vigorously studied by our research team. The clinical evidence supporting these therapies is compelling but no well controlled out come studies have yet been performed .The evidence is largely based on clinical experience at this point.
  • The theories and therapies discussed are subject to change without notice if significant clinical or research data indicates a need for change.
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