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The above said guide lines would help parents to identify and diagnose the child with the least possible time delay. When the examination is done under one roof in an Institute specializing in autism, less time would be lost and parents would be at peace. When parents learn that their child is autistic, they realize that they have a child who may not live up to their dreams and will daily challenge their patience.

• Most people wish they could magically make the problem vanish.

• Some parents deny the problem or fantasize about an instant cure. They may take the child from one specialist to another, hoping for a different diagnosis.

• However, it is important for the parents to eventually overcome their pain and deal with the problem cherishing hopes for their child’s future.

• Of course, accepting the diagnosis and living up requires a lot of courage and family support. Some parents are luckier than others in this. But remember the saying that ‘Luck favors the brave’

The next obstacle in the path is choosing the ideal intervention from the various types of interventions, since we are lacking in a universally accepted credible treatment methodology. Lack of a proper insight into the autism puzzle also adds on to the confusion of the parents. At this stage it is worthwhile to give you a glimpse into the history of autism.

• From the time it was identified in 1940s to almost till 1970 autism was identified as a psychiatric condition and treated as such. For more than three decades, parents were crushed under ‘Shame and Blame theory’ of refrigerator mothers.

• The year 1964 saw the dawn of Autism Society of America and Autism Research Institute. Pioneering work of Dr.Rimland laid the path for medical research. This was the turning point in history of autism whence it came out of the psychiatric domain and scientific explorations on organic damage to the brain in autism were begun

• Over the years, with the advent of technology and imaging techniques we have gained knowledge on the brain’s involvement in the behavioral symptoms and the etiopathology behind the process.

• Now with all the available research data we can reasonably assure that parents can look forward to the future with a positive mind set. The underlying biological basis of autism is better understood and the concept of brain in autism being ‘hardwired’ and untreatable is slowly melting away.

• Now parents need not get emotionally shattered when somebody- without proper knowledge- projects a negative attitude of ‘impossible’ in autism.

Bio medical treatment techniques are beginning to show transformative results. But the fruits of these primary research/clinical outcomes could be enjoyed only by knowledgeable parents. Knowledge would empower the parents to utilize the process and get these children ‘out of their bubble’ to live in harmony with the outside world.

Hence we have presented to you the state of the art ‘evidence based information’ about the newer concepts in bio medical treatment techniques followed at DOAST with consistently replicated results over the years.

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